Saturday, 23 May 2015

You oughta know…about Mystery Readers!

This has got to be one of my favourite link-ups ever!!!
I'm linking up with Jasmine over at Buzzing with Mrs McClain again and a whole heap of other amazing teacher-bloggers.

This month I'm sharing an idea with you that I can totally, hands on my heart say, wasn't mine! I'm pretty sure I saw the idea of having a Mystery Reader on another teacher-bloggers Instagram and loved it! 

If you need to inspire a spark of interest in your children when it comes to reading or if you, like me, have a class of kiddies who are desperate to read at story time then a mystery reader is for you!

It is such a simple concept-
1. Ask who would like the chance to be a Mystery Reader- it is an optional, fun experience
2. Put names into a pot/ bag/ hat and draw one out each day
3. Secretly  let the child know that they will be the following day's Mystery Reader- I put a note inside their home reading diary so they don't find out until they are at home and can share the fun with their family (obviously I know the children who won't get this experience at home so I pull them aside and let them know before they go home)
4. Set aside a time every day where the children close their eyes and the Mystery Reader can then come up to the reading chair ready to read
5. The children then open their eyes with gasps of  'ooo, ahhh, I thought it would be you!' And the reading begins!


My class love it- they choose a book from home or our class which they feel comfortable reading and get sooooo excited for each other that you could hear a pin drop whilst the story is being told!

The rules are simple- 
1. If you don't want to be one then you don't have to be
2. Keep it a secret

Our class love it and I'm sure yours will too!
we've even had adults from other classes and the school caretaker be one!

Mystery Reader is most certainly one of the best teacher shares  I have spotted and I couldn't resist sharing it with you today!


  1. HAHA! That's too funny! Great minds do think alike!

    I also did it with my students! It's a great way to get reading promoted in your classroom!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Tales from a Very Busy Teacher

    Marine :)

  2. I love this! I am going to try it, especially since my kids will be testing in the morning for 2 straight weeks. This will be fun to do after testing time. Thank you!

    A LoveLi Class

    1. It is such a fun and easy thing to set up- I hope you enjoy it just as much as we do! Good luck with testing Xx


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