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Classroom Reveal 2015

Well… it's finally here… tomorrow is my first day back at school. We have 2 days of training and then the kiddies come in on Monday. I'll be honest, I never feel 100% ready… I'm always more about 85% but thats's ok, right? 

So before the madness and tiredness of back to school hits I'm linking up with the lovely Ashley and Angie for this month's #2getherwearebetter link up and the wonderful girls of Blog hoppin' for the very first time as part of their Teacher Week! 

#realtalk alert
This is really only a part classroom reveal! 
Seeing as I have 2 days of in-school training (INSET) left then I still have things I want to tweak and tidy before my new little friends come in on Monday so I've taken pictures of the areas I am happy with.
Don't worry….I'll be updating my 'Classroom' page over the weekend with my full- on 2015-2016 classroom!


I have a small board right outside of my classroom where the children's lockers are and I like to use it as my welcome board.
I loved last year's board soooo much that I knew it was going to be hard to beat. 
I like to mix up my backing paper and I think splattering it with paint looks so effective. 
I agonised over what text to put on the board and how to arrange it for ages but now that I've got it up I'm pretty happy (even though I can spot where it needs straightening out!) 
I used oversized KG and Hello Literacy fonts to make it pop!(thanks for the idea Ashley!)
The HUGE crayons just add that WOW I so love!
I love all things Glitter Meets Glue and Amie's glitter art supplies set looks amazing with the children's names on around my board. I'm also loving my Tallahassee Sunday pencil- I snagged it in a give away and I couldn't be happier!  

Let's go through the door!!! 
I have 2 parts to my classroom- the small entrance we call The Den has my sink area as well as a large set of shelves and it's where I have my library and small group area. 

When you walk in the first thing you see is my reading display- I decided that I would keep the same one up from last year seeing as it still match everything and it had no work from the children on it- 
To the left of my reading display board I have my library books and CAFE board…
I like to have my kiddos put their peg onto the ribbon to set their targets.

This area has cushions and book buddies so that the little ones can choose a book, curl up and read to themselves, a book buddy or a friend. When the big light is off and the lamps and fairy lights are twinkling away it's magical!

To the left of my CAFE board are the huge set of shelves!!! 
For the past 3 years they have had a curtain across them but this year I finally plucked up the courage to tackle them!!! 
Other than putting some labels onto the big plastic boxes and writing on the little chalkboard tags attached to my book baskets, I'm pretty much done with this area and I couldn't be happier!
Just beneath the big selves is a really cute set of pink cubbies from Ikea which I keep my Phonics resources in. There is also a comfy teacher chair, display board (yet to be backed) and a wall mounted whiteboard so this area is perfect for small group work especially because I can close the door into the classroom and it's nice and quiet! 

Straight opposite the big shelves, to the right of my main door is my sink area-
I have the wonderful Rachel Archer  of Archer's All Stars and her Periscope to thank for the amazing hessian ruffle boarder! I adore it!!! 
This board will have ribbon draped across it and I will peg up artwork during the course of the year but it's blank for now because on the first day back I like to do a 'Recipe for Success' activity from Educating Abroad which I will peg up here for a week or so.
I also kept my 'What's The Crack?' parent's board up from last year as I only changed it in January and I still love it! 

I spent some time yesterday getting this area ready for the first day back-
I'll put the morning activity or any letters to go out to parents onto the clipboard and children can put finished books which need changing into the basket. 
We use Accelerated Reader at our school so the small chalkboard sign will say 'Don't forget your peg' to remind the children who have returned a book to move their peg onto the 'I'm ready to take a quiz' poster. 

So…let's wave goodbye to 'The Den' area and 
step into my classroom! 

This is the area that I'm still tweaking so I've only included a few pictures for you today!

As you come into the room over on the right wall you are greeted by the boards I use the most.
My main boards aren't really boards!!! The paper is stapled straight into the plaster board!! 

I simply didn't have enough useable board space and so I spoke to my head when I first moved into the room 3 years ago and asked if this would be ok seeing as it would be a few small staple marks rather than lots of spots where the sticky tack had pulled paint off and, seeing as this was way cheeper than buying board, she kindly agreed! Yay!!!
 These boards are my Working Walls so their content gets changed almost fortnightly to match our current text type and Numeracy strand. The children have full access to these boards and often stick things on them or respond to questions. 
I snagged the whiteboard in the cute frame from The Range, it's also magnetic and will make a perfect place for me to pose maths problems and have the kiddos work them out. 
The shelving unit you can see the top of houses all of my manipulative, number lines and maths games so that the children can access them easily. 

To the right of my Working Wall is a new area this year. It used to be where my old and tired computers were and the board had our Learning Challenge questions on it. This meant that the board HAD to be changed EVERY half term and had things getting put up on it every week! Lots of work!!! Since I have another board in my role play area which I can use that as my main Learning Challenge board (I'll give you a sneak peak of that next week!) I've decided to make this one my Bucket Fillers board and I adore it!!!! 
I snagged the gorgeous posters for free from the amazing Miss May over at One Fab Teacher!
Seeing as this board will stay the same all year it will totally help me in my bid to work smarter not harder - something I really need to do!
Beneath the board is a set of shelves from Ikea- like the ones in The Den with 4 cubbies but long and thin instead. In each cubbie is a box with construction equipment in it and on top are 4 baskets with the children's work books in them. 

Here are a few small details from my classroom that I'm ready to share with you…
My marking holders currently hold the baseline assessments we need to do when we get back to school  seeing as I have no marking at the minute (whoohoo!) I also need to update my 'It doesn't get much better than this!' frame with a picture of my new class but seeing as they aren't in until next week then I'll just keep looking at my little cuties from last year for now as I hate empty frames!

How adorable are these cork boards from Wilkinson's?! 
We'll pin new vocabulary we find in our text up on them so that we can use it in our own writing.

And finally….I spent sometime yesterday adding these cute ribbons to my working walls! Why? No reason…they just look adorable and I looooove the heart push pins! 

I can't wait to get back to school now and add all of my finishing touches! 
Be sure to head back and check out my 'Classroom' page next week for a full classroom reveal!!! 

Don't forget to hop over to the other wonderful teachers in the #2getherwearebetter and Blog Hoppin' link-ups! 

Have a wonderful back to school guys

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