Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It's arrived….!

So a week or so ago I blogged about why I was choosing to move to Erin Condren for my planning needs and voila….here it is!!!!
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL????!!!!!!

It arrived last night- picture this… I'm lying on the sofa wallowing in a headache and self pity whilst watching Dance Moms when in walks Mr T with a big cardboard box….I nearly hit the roof with excitement, all thoughts of wallowing evaporated!!

As soon as I ripped the box apart I was in love, smitten, wooed! My heart, from here on in, lies with the wonderful world of Erin Condren and here is why…

Firstly, you can personalise the cover and it's interchangeable with other funky and inspiring designs! 
Secondly, it is full of super inspirational quotes all aimed at teachers- way to feel special! 

There are a couple of elements which are more suited to the US classroom than the UK but I think I've found a way to make them work for me…

The 'Holidays and Dates to Remember' page is aimed at US events but each month has space to write
in more plus I think I'm going to utilise this page to remind me of important dates for my Teachers Pay Teachers products.

I also won't get too much use out of this page as all our registers are done on a computer system and as I have the same class all day, every day then I have a pretty good idea of what my littlies have missed so I think I will use these pages to keep track of important letters they might have missed.

Now, I might have clicked the option to include more of this section- oops! 
It is basically a mark-book which will be great for keeping track of our weekly Basic Skills test scores, who has brought their homework in and who has returned letters but I'm pretty sure I don't need 21 pages of it! 

So….past the bits I won't use so much and onto the amazingness that is THE TEACHER PLANNER!!!!
At the front of the planner is a really useful page where I can note down passwords which is fab as we have to update our school email passwords about once per month and I am always forgetting mine! I will also use the 'Happy Birthday' page this year as I need to use the wall space I have my Birthday's up on for something else. Also this means I can always have their Birthday card ready on the right day! 
The planner is also littered with 'Notes' pages- a teacher can never have too many of those right?!

 I adore this page- I like to plan out how my year will go over the Summer break- including the kinds of trips our class will go on and when I need to make time for events and gifts- LOOOOVE IT!

I think I will use these pages but totally see how other might choose not to. I'm planning on photocopying the 'Substitute' page and leaving it for my supply teacher when I'm not in as I will probably have my planner with me wherever I go! I love the 'Reliable Students' space!!! Hahahaha!!! Now who would I recommend?! 

And now to the best part…..the lesson planning section!!!!
There is a monthly overview section which I know my lovely teacher pal and I will use when we sit down to plan our terms work- I love that the planner is date-less too. After each month there is also a note page for extra ideas and noting down things that are going on that month- fab for using in staff meetings.
Next comes a double-page spread for the week- again this is date-less so will fit with your school year. Each day has 7 sections and for me that is fab- it means I can bullet point my main ideas for Literacy, Guided Reading, Phonics, Numeracy and 2 afternoon sessions every day with an extra section for anything special which might need planning in. 

The planner doesn't just have paper pages in it- when you get to the back there are several pages of preprinted and blank labels, a paper wallet to keep things in and a zipper pocket for little bits and pieces. I also opted to have page protectors included which is where I intend to store my Medium Term planning. 

 Are you sold yet? Do I have a fellow Condren Convert? No…? Take a peak at the extras I got then…

I ordered these cute extras (above) but the stuff in the picture bellow came as a fantastic FREE welcome pack!!! How amazing is that?! 

WOW- that was a huge post- thanks for sticking with me! I did intend to do this as a video post but my phone kept running out of memory!!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!! 

I'd love to know if you chose the Erin Condren route- which cover did you go for?!

Thinking of joining the EC club? Use this link to snag a discount…

Keep me updated on your EC news peeps! 

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