Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wordless Wednesday

There's something fishy about these doubles...

I love this mid week link-up with Miss DeCarbo over at Second Grade Sugar and Spice

I teach Year 2 and my little ones are getting ready to move into the
Juniors come September. 
I always strive to send them up with solid calculation and times tables knowledge as well as a good understanding of other multiplication and division strategies but this week it feels like we've taken 10 steps backwards. They have been like a bunch of wild monkeys- scratching their heads and staring blankly at me! 
Suddenly my amazing adders are staring from 1 to add 2 numbers together- even for simple calculations- does this drive you crazy?
Me too!
We spent today going over using near doubles as a strategy! AGAIN!
Fingers crossed it sticks this time!
Please someone tell me it almost half term (either that or have wine on hand!)


  1. Its funny that you would share this because JUST today I was helping my second graders in ELL with a writing assignment they were working on in their regular class and it genuinely seemed like they were back at the first day of FIRST grade. They were forgoting how to spell simple words, forgetting their capital letters and periods, and, I kid you not, one of my little friends couldn't recall how to write a capital T!!!! Hahaha Does your heart ever break while your blood simultaneously boils? That's what was happening to me. haha

  2. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who patiently encourages while inside I'm screaming 'It's 6!!!! How can you not know that- come on!!!' hahaha- I suppose that's the trick to being a good teacher!!! Xx


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