Monday, 27 July 2015

Global Classroom Link-up

Hey you lovely people! 
If you've already joined Global Glitter Tribe then a massive 'HELLO' and if you haven't then what are you waiting for???? 
Click here to find out more about us and how to join. 

So… today is the day!!! 
Sign-ups for Global Classroom Link-up are now open.

This link-up is for those of us wanting to make a link with classrooms in other countries in a virtual 'pen-pal' type of way. If you would like to get to know a class in another country or culture through the power of the internet then this link-up is for you. All you need is the ability to Skype, Google Hangout or another such web based program and the commitment to virtually hang-out with your partner's class once per month. 

Sign-ups will be open until 12pm GMT/ 7am EST Friday.
 Once you have signed up and provided all of the relevant information then I will email you next Monday (3rd August '15) to let you know who you are paired with and provide you with their contact details. Don't wait for your partner to contact you- be proactive and take the first step. I will let you know if your partner has any holidays or prior arrangements for the coming week which might mean they can't get back to you but if your partner has not provided any information and you still haven't heard back from them by the following Monday (10th August '15) then please contact me before Wednesday 12th and I will try and provide you with another partner. I'm sorry but in reality this may not be possible at this time based on sign- up numbers but don't worry- I will open this link-up again  before the Christmas holidays so that new group members or those of you with failed links can have a chance to take part again. Once I've matched you up you're good to go! 

It will close on Friday 31st July

Spend a bit of time getting to know your new friend, how things work in their school, what topics or themes they may be covering or any specific needs you both have.  
You need to arrange a time and date which suits you both but as we know all too well, school life be crazy so it might be best to set up a back-up date and time too! Have patience with your new friend when it comes to this but also be polite- if you can let your partner know of a change in circumstances before hand then please make sure you do.
I would suggest planning your link-ups together so that they have a purpose and focus. 

Remember you will need to introduce the concept to your class and check that all children have permission to take part in such an activity. Aly over at Just a Primary Girl 'Scoped about permission forms the other day- here's the link to her store

That's it!!! Fly my pretties, fly!!! 
Fingers crossed this is a productive and inspiring process for us all.
If you do encounter any problems then feel free to contact me but my role here is simply to play match- maker so don't hate on me!!! Thanks! 


  1. Lovelovelovelovelove!!!!!

    I've wanted to do this forever with my classroom, but had no idea how to find an international classroom. Thank you so much, Laura!!!

    1. Oh you are so welcome Katie! Thanks for signing up- I hope it all works out and we get a positive experience for us and our children from it Xx

  2. I'm a first year teacher and excited about global pen pals.

    1. Oh I wish you every luck for your first year- you will be paired with a friend who can maybe help you out too if you're feeling the stress! Thanks so much for linking up Xx

  3. Thanks for organizing Laura! I just signed up! I hope to be linked to someone in Africa since my class studies this beautiful country all year long. THANKS again!

    I can't wait!

    1. I'll try my very best Elizabeth! Got lots and lots of US linkers at the moment- trying for more global connections. Thanks for linking up- fingers crossed it all goes well :) Xx

  4. Thank you so much for coming up with this idea! I LOVE it! Can't wait!!!

    1. Thanks so much for linking up with us!!! Fingers crossed it all goes well :) You are very welcome Xx

  5. Love this idea but I am going to wait to commit when you reopen the link up around Christmas. I will definitely participate but don't want to get to much on my plate at the beginning of the school year!

    I love that you started a global community!
    Hanging Around In Primary


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