Friday, 6 February 2015

TGIF photo frames

Well TGIF indeed!!! This week has dragggggged or is it just me!!! The huge and very beautiful full moon has sent us all a bit loopy this week and for those of you who think it's a load of tosh…. come and teach my littlies during a full moon and you will soon change your mind!

Anywhooo…. thanks for all of your support with the post last week. I thought I would continue down the whole shabby chic/ home from home theme and share with you how I use photo frames within my classroom.
I picked up these 2 little frames for 50p but wasn't sure how I was going to use them at first. I decided that my Guided Reading shelf was lacking something and they totally fitted the bill. 
Why not try using a frame to label an area?
If you read last weeks TGIF post (click here if you missed it) then you may have spotted some cute frames up on my parent's notice board. Until I revamped my board the other week all of my important dates and Learning Letters were just written on laminated paper or pinned up as they were. I find my new method of displaying them both totes cute and more hard waring. 
Other than displaying pics of the kids in frames around the classroom, the other main way I use frames is to display quotes and saying. 
I love my class and want the space we all work in to be comfortable and familiar to them. I totally believe that my words may be the kindest and most encouraging some of the children in my class hear from day to day and I want to build our classroom into a community of friendly faces where we can all be ourselves. 

All of the frames I have in class are plastic moulded with clear perspex- no glass and not breakable. They also cost a maximum of £1 each so won't break the bank! 
Why not pay Home Bargains or Poundland a visit and snag yourself a frame?!

Also, FYI, you can download these editable chalkboard messages from my TPT store- they are a forever freebie and my most downloaded item :) 

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