Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My essential Guided Reading tool kit

Everyone has there own unique way of organising their supplies but here is a sneak peak into mine-

Each GR group has its own basket- you can get these peg baskets from most cheep shops but I picked mine up from Poundland. Each one contains a whiteboard, pen and cloth, weekly text and plan, follow-on materials and the children's GR journals.
I teach GR on the carpet with the children so this is a fantastic way for me to just grab what I need and go.

Besides the basics (and the children) there are a few items I think are staples of a good Guided Reading tool kit which I believe no teacher should be without-
Post it notes
Mini-whiteboards and pens

However, there are a few items I have come to love and 
now consider new classics of the Guided Reading tool kit-
Sparkly gel pens
Question dice
Question Cards
Witch Fingers and partner pointers
RR role cards 
Recordable postcard or strip
'I'm invisible' Light

How have these become must haves? 
Well I think the sparkly gel pens are self explanatory- my kiddies are always eager to note down their ideas if they get to use these.

Question dice
Cheep and cheerful they are a quick fire way to get the children thinking about a 
narrative text and can be a handy way to prompt paired discussion.

Assessment Focus key questions- ever struggle to think of a question perfect for digging out responses which match a particular AF? These cards are ideal for the planning process, on the spot blanks and for Teaching Assistants. I'm also building them into my Reciprocal Reading sessions and encouraging the children to use them.
 (Click here to find out more about Reciprocal Reading)

'Wiches fingers and partner pointers are a must have for my lower ability groups and really keep the children focused on the text and encourages them to really slow down and read each word carefully. I've also just purchased some of the little rings with eyes on them which I've seen all over IG- very excited!

RR role cards- with my more able groups I like to throw in the odd Reciprocal Reading session and these cards are the perfect reminder of how each explicit comprehension skill works in the world of RR. 

Recordable postcards or strips- I can ask the children to record 1 idea or key fact each and use it the in the following session to refresh our memories- this is particularly useful with my lower ability readers who often struggle to retain information within one session never 
mind between sessions- plus there is no writing needed.

FINALLY- my light! I used to struggle with children from groups who were working independently constantly interrupting me during GR and sometimes even the hand (you know the one I mean!) just didn't cut it. Well over the past year I have used my light and the children know that when it is lit, unless someone is hurt, then I am invisible and they must seek out the help of a friend, TA or simply wait until the light is switched off- it has worked a treat!

So…. you've seen my baskets, you've peeked inside my tool kit…it must be obvious that, yes, I am a GR geek!! 
I love finding new tricks and tips to try out so why not comment and share yours with me? 
If I give them ago and love them then I'll tag you in a future TGIF post. 

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