Sunday, 15 February 2015

Half Term Sunday Scoop

I think this is my favourite link up out there!
It's time for….
Head over to the Teaching Trio's fab blog to link-up and get your week off to a super start!
Sometime over the next few days all of the children in our Year 1 and 2 class will be receiving this in the post…
Our new theme will be 'Fabrics of Fairytale' and a lot of our Literacy will be taken from this gorgeous book (click here to visit Amazon)
Our Learning Challenge 'BIG' question for the Half Term is 'Could you be the next Fairytale stylist?' and we're kicking it off with a Ball of course…only problem now is what to wear! I've got a beautiful Belle dress already but I'm saving that for our 'Castles' theme next year (the year 1 littlies will be mine then and you can bet they'll notice if I come as the same princess!)
Oh and then there is the issue of the following weeks costume…I've been The Gruffalo, Where's Wally, Princess Smartypants, Robin Wood and Sophie from The BFG in the past (we don't always do book characters…last year we were countries!) 
Any and all suggestions for fancy-dress are very much welcome!

I flew out of school on Friday as we were driving to Leeds to watch the rugby so didn't have time to tidy away all of my Valentine's decorations and the Space resources from this past Half Term so a day in school is very much needed!

Well the long awaited moving day is next week (fingers crossed) and it's been a long time coming- it was supposed to be October!!! So I will be spending a lot of my week off boxing up and cleaning as well as planning but I shall endeavour to squeeze in some Netflix and cuppas! What are you currently Netflix'ing? We're just about at the end of Homeland- any suggestions? Something cheesy along the lines of 'Witches of Eastend' would be fab! 

2 of my best girls have very cute baby bumps at the minute but, as a group, we're not really into the whole 'Baby Shower' phenomenon that seems to have gripped the UK so this week we're meeting up for big fat greasy take-away pizzas and some cheesy DVDs- bliss!

Any of you lovely people also on Half- Term? 
Let me know how you're planning to spend the week.
Here's to the 'no-school-tomorrow-Sunday-night-joys'!

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  1. Your Fairytale Ball and Fabrics of Fairytale topic sound amazing - I can't wait to hear more about them! Good luck with all your packing up - not the most fun way to spend your week but I'm sure it will be worth it when you're finally in your new place!
    Growing Little Learners


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