Sunday, 8 February 2015

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Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop really helps to focus my thinking for the 
week ahead and look at the positive rather than just the workload! 
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How often does your school level children? We level every half term in reading, writing and maths. Our school, like most others in the UK, is currently stressing and desperately testing out new ways to 'level without levels'! Oh the joys of Gove! How are your school approaching it? 
Please comment- I'd (sadly) love to know!

I'm over half way through the 18 month NPQSL programme and I am just about to gather lots of data to determine how influential the project I implemented as part of it has been on our reading levels- its a LOT of extra work but it has been very interesting so far. 

We have loved our 'Journey into Space' Learning Challenge but as with the end of every half term I now have the task of packing all of the resources away- boring! 

I sat with my lovely co-teaching friend yesterday- SATURDAY- and planned out next half term's Literacy and Theme work. I've already scoured TPT for lots of lovely resources to use and I'm in the middle of creating some of my own which I hope to post to my store by the end of the week- our theme is Fabrics of Fairy-tale so keep your eyes peeled for some Cinderella- themed time work coming soon!

I have been working on a blog post 'What's in the box? My Guided Reading essential toolkit' for a couple of weeks and I'm just about done- I would love to link to some of your blog posts so please comment and let me know your details- let's share readership! 

Yes next weekend is Valentine's Day and yes I have a date with my husband! If any of you know me then you will know that Mr T often plans or buys gifts that also benefit him- lovely pink onesie for my birthday…thank you very much….oh you got yourself a matching blue one even though it's not your birthday…oh ok! So our lovely weekend away now also includes a visit to Hendingley for the Rhino's game…hey-ho… I get to cuddle in the cold with my man and watch fit men in tiny shorts run around…I'm not one to complain! 

Here's to a week of cute cards and a profession of undying love from Ryan Gosling!
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  1. Enjoy your Valentine's weekend away! Sounds like fun!



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