Monday, 5 October 2015


WOW!!! I cannot believe I haven't posted for a month!!! My poor little blog! I'm so sorry! 

Settling back into the school routine has taken time and I think I am almost there…almost! 

So…what better way to get back my blogging mojo than linking up with the lovely Farley over at Oh Boy Forth Grade for the latest currently!

I cannot believe it is the final season of Downton! What will I do with my Sunday nights? Boo!

Woohoo- PSL's are back on the menu… can I get an Amen?! 
I've also just invested in my very first autumnal decoration and I am in love…. don't worry… more are on their way!

Yes I know…I've not blogged for a month!!! I'm sorry for being rubbish but I've just been so worn out and I've had no space in my brain for blogging but it is all about to change-I promise!

Hands up- who loves wooly hats?! Me, me, me, me and I can't wait to go shopping for my newest addition to my collection- I'm thinking a mustard bobble hat! 

With the new house came real fires and seeing as the downstairs isn't double glazed, I'm thinking we are going to be needing the roaring fire to keep us toasty when the cold nights set in!

Autumn leaves are just boo-tiful! I would love to visit New England in the fall but seeing as we only get a week off in October, I think it's safe to say that dream will be a while off! 

Wishing you all a lovely October and I promise you will be hearing more from me soon!


  1. I love Downton Abby! I can't wait for the new season to start.I would give anything for a fireplace! I wish my hubby could just build me one. Happy fall!
    The Glitter Tree

  2. I feel your pain about getting your blogger mojo back. I went through a tough spell last year and it so hard to sit down to blog when lots of other things were going on. The good news is that once you start it's like you never left! I love fall. It's my favorite season! Enjoy the fires, leaves, and pumpkin spices. :)

  3. Hi Laura! I, too, am a huge hat fan! On my last vacation, I brought two hats so I wouldn't buy one. But guess what? I bought one! You should check out Canada on your next vacation. We have some truly beautiful spots too - although I also have some favourite spots in the U.S.A. Have a great week!
    Barton's Buzz

  4. Downton Abbey is my favorite! I'll be SOOO sad when it's over! I'm also a huge fan of all things pumpkin spice. Fall is the BEST!!


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