Thursday, 30 October 2014

The start of the new TGIF

Teachers Get Inspired Friday
Well... after a week off school (who am I kidding right?!) you would think I would be feeling refreshed and ready to go again but in truth it feels like I've blinked and missed this holiday! I'm most certainly not complaining that I've just had a week off but I never seem to be able to totally relax and switch off- I know I am not the only one!

So it was along this line that I decided I would start a TGIF post with a twist.

I will blog about something I have refreshed or found new inspiration in at some point across the week. It could be an old jumper given a cute new look with a scarf or a teaching resource given a new lease of life- hey if I can't get that glowing 'well rested' look and feel then maybe I can give something a helping hand towards a new lease of life and give you guys a little TGIF along the way!

Check back tomorrow to find out just what got the TGIF treatment this week.

(Cute image thanks to design elements from Sonya Dehart Design)

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