Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Savings

Well I most certainly don't have the usual 'Sunday night feeling' (woohoo for Half Term!). I am currently snuggled up on the sofa after stuffing my face with our first roast dinner of the season, watching 'The Goonies' and looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow! 

To celebrate I have chosen to link up with the lovely Nicole over at 'All Things Apple in 2nd' for the 'Sunday Savings Circular'. 

I've had my TPT store (click here) since August and business is slow- my free items are getting plenty of downloads but my paid for ones aren't - any feedback about pricing or general advise would be great!
I'm sticking with it though and loving thinking of new ideas to make and post.  

I'm loving my latest product 'Batter Up! Bonds to 10' ($1) so for every purchase at 20% off 
I'll send it to you as a free bonus! 
Here's a sneak peak…


  1. Hey Laura,
    Your number bonds center activity is so adorable. But I've seen a lot of people who have said people are less likely to buy something for $1 or $2 because of the TPT purchase limit. People who want your product will have to put it in their cart and then find something else that they want so that they can buy it. If you make it into a set with other skills and price it at $5 people may be more likely to buy it. I'm not very experienced myself but I've seen a lot of people who swear by this.
    Sheri :)

  2. Hi Sheri,
    Thank you so much for your feedback- I didn't realise there was a purchase limit (maybe because I always spend a fortune!) and this may explain why some of my products are wish listed but not purchased. I will take a look at my pricing structure or do as you have suggested and bundle them. It's so kind of you.
    Laura Xx


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