Thursday, 16 October 2014

October 'Currently'

I can't believe how far through October we are- only 1 more week left until our Half Term break- keep strong, we can do this! 

So I know this seems late but I've had this over on my other blog (shhhh don't let year2tastic hear you!) for the last couple of weeks and thought it would make the perfect first post here as I get to link-up with the amazing Farley and lots of other lovely teacher bloggers- have you linked up? Let me know your blog address- I'd love to check your post out! 


Hum… did anyone hear me mention that I got a Cath Kidston voucher for my Birthday? No… I didn't think I'd mentioned it! The Hubster in all his awesomeness got me a voucher for my Birthday- lovely of him you may say…and indeed the email was!!! Yep you read that right… the EMAIL!!! Not only did I have nothing but the email to open on one of my most favourite days of the whole entire year but I also didn't get my card until the next morning!!! I did, however, have an amazing, relaxing and very tasty day with my beloved husband so I can't complain (too loudly!)

Anyway- enough about my treat… here is the one I promised you guys. Just click on the link in blue below and save to use as an extra spooktastic desktop for the Halloween week- here's hoping it will keep me organised! Let me know how it works for you. 


(Credit where credit is due- thanks to TeacherKarma and StripedElephants for their mega cute clip art) 

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