Friday, 30 January 2015

TGIF Wall Paper!

Hello! So this is my first TGIF (Teachers Get Inspired Friday) post of 2015 and I must say I am loving what I am about to share with you all!

Back in October one of our parents brought in sample rolls of wall paper from Laura Ashely (she works there don't worry!). They hung around the staff room and we all ooo'ed and ahhhh'ed over the different designs and a few of us took a role or two but then after a week or so most of them were binned as space is precious.
My roles have been clogging up my supply cupboard ever since and I've been muttering to myself about doing something with them ever since. Well…. this last couple of weeks I've stuck to my word and I love the results-
I know, I know…I could of at least matched the patterns up right?! It will be covered in work soon enough (weep) but for now I'm loving just looking at it! I am mostly pleased because this board has bugged me all year- it never fitted with my colour scheme or the feel I was wanting to create but I was hesitant to take it down as it was new paper and boarder but since we are half way (yikes) through the year and I have had numerous working walls up on it then I felt it was ok to change it- please tell me it was ok!!! 
I'm also totally in love with the bunting- I keep telling people I made it and whilst this is true…all I did was stick the letters on some already cut flags and then threaded them onto string- but I totally made it  right?!             
I also revamped my Parent's Notice Board using the free wallpaper, a planner board from Home Bargins for £1.79 and plastic frames from Poundland- it's like I've lifted a wall from home and put it in my classroom… well it may as well look like my house- I do practically live there! 
So… wallpaper as backing paper? Who'd of thunked it! 
Feel free to link up your own TGIF post bellow- just click and save the image, included in your post and then head back here to join in! 

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