Friday, 9 January 2015

Blog-olutions 2015

Well hello you lovely people and welcome to 2015!
I welcomed 2015 in with a bang and boy did I pay for it the next day but unlike most I didn't utter those fateful word- 'I'm making it my New Year's resolution to drink less in 2015' as I'm not really one for making them. You may be wondering then 'why the blog-olution title then?' and I can totally understand your confusion. 

As all good bloggers do I set out with the intention of being a dedicated, organised and planned blogger but then as the weeks ticked by I turned into a crazed, frantic looking blogger despondently reflecting on how long it had been since I last posted something and feeling guilt ridden that I had neglected my new and shiny blog baby. BUT NOT IN 2015!!! Oh no…in 2015 I will be the hight of blogtasticism and this is how I shall do it…
So there you have it… my New Year's Blog-olutions for 2015…in black and white…published for all to see…I best keep them then huh!!! 
I'd love to know yours so why not link up following the steps bellow…

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