Saturday, 8 November 2014

5 for Friday

I know I'm late but my lovely husband surprised me with a drink after work and then a takeaway which was no good for my blogging but sooooo good for my soul!!
It's been a very busy week here at year2tastic so have a peek at my 
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We started back with a BANG this week- my bus didn't show up on Monday morning so I was late in to school! Luckily, I was all prepared and set to go with my POW Super Subtractor unit.
We started off as all good Super Heroes must… filling in our application forms and designing our masks to a superhero theme tune CD!
How cute do they look-
The application forms served as a fun pre-assessment which quickly let me know the areas of subtraction I needed to work on.
I already have my POW game available in my TPT store but check out my first TGIF post to grab it for free. All of the Super Subtractor activities I used this week will be available as a bundle in my store this weekend including using partitioning to aid subtraction and BINGO! 
We have loved it and now all of my class can at least use number lines rather than objects to subtract. 

Although my bus didn't turn up on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday I was thankful that the mornings were lovely and light- those clocks falling back an hour the other week are starting to pay off at last. I know it won't be for long but how gorgeous does this morning look…
I've finally figured out what is going on with the bus and its route has changed so I now have a 10 minute walk to the bus stop rather than just strolling to the end of my road. The outcome of this…I NEED TO DRIVE!!!!!

I'm having 2 student teachers in my class this month and they started their pre-block days this week. They are very polite, eager and friendly with the children so I know they are going to do well but does anyone else find it tiering having students in? I essentially had to be on 'top form' for 3 day in a row which takes it's toll on everyone in the class and it began to show on Thursday- most of the children had been up late watching fireworks the night before, then the children had a wet play time so were a mixture of hyper and growly, I felt like I was rushing around trying to catch my tail all day- not the best 'shining example' of how to be a cool, calm and collected teacher but hey…welcome to the real world!

So after feeling like I had failed all day I made my way to the bus station via Costa Coffe and bagged myself a Gingerbread latte to go…..and I got a Christmas cup!!! Woohoo!! 
As I've mentioned on my 'Meet the Teacher' I love this time of year. I adore all of the celebrations and in order to honour each one I refuse to start my Christmas shopping and planning until Bonfire Night is over. So here I was on November 6th with my first Christmas cup, I scooped up a Christmas mag, popped on Christmas24 and indulged! Bliss!

We began our new Learning Challenge this week (it is one of my faves) and the children got stuck right in sharing their ideas and knowledge about 'What is it like at the Polar Regions' 
I absolutely loved how many of them put on that Santa and his elves live in the North Pole- too right! 
One of the best moments in this LC are when they come into class to discover the WOW hook- a large egg on the classroom floor! We spend the lesson making predictions and trying to figure out how it may have got to our classroom. Little do they know that this is how it started out…
Welcome to my weekend of making a paper mache egg!


  1. Oh you poor thing with the bus! At least you worked out the problem and I hope you have no more issues. I love the giant egg hook and it illustrates the life of a primary school teacher- making giant eggs at the weekend! Good luck with the student teachers. I had my last one a few years ago and it was more tiring than doing the actual teaching at some points!

    1. We are part of a SCITT so I have at least 1 student every year- they are usually very good but it is an extra level of stress isn't it! My egg is all done now and chick safely hidden inside- unlike last time when I couldn't find the penguin chick so had to hide a bull dog teddy inside instead!!! Oh dear!


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