Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A week of Thanks...T

This week I am linking up with the lovely people over at Blog Hoppin' and taking part in their week of thanks. Today is....wait for it....dada...T!!!

There are lots of 'T's I am thankful for such as Toast, Tunnock's Teacakes, Teachers, T.V. but most of all I'm simply thankful for Tea!!! I can not function without my first steaming mug full of English Breakfast blend first thing in the morning! Tea does so much for us beyond quenching our thirst and preparing us for the day ahead...let's think about this for a moment... it allows us to have a 'slice of cake' and Afternoon Tea, warms our hands when gloves just won't do, serves as the perfect pick-me-up mid all-day shopping session, comes in cute thimmble-sized cups with (all be it redundant) saucers and allows us to stick our little finger out all posh like. Excuse me if I'm wrong but I just don't think coffee has quite the same life altering traits as good ol' tea!!!

So check back tomorrow for H...now let me think...!!!

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