Saturday, 16 January 2016

Say hello to the……'Try-hard Teacher'

Hey my lovely friends!!
How has your return to school been? 
If I'm totally honest, I have found it quite stressful! 
We have a new Head Teacher and there has been a lot of positive change but still, change is tiring!!! 

And on the subject of change….
I've also been using any spare time I have to try and work on my move to Wordpress and rebranding.
'WHAT?!' I hear you cry!!! 
Never fear… I'll still be keeping this blog up to date until things are ready but I WILL be moving over to Wordpress where I will be incorporating my teaching blog along with my long-running life style blog 'Confessions of a try-hard' hence the new brand/ social media name 'Try-hard Teacher' 

I first began blogging back in 2013 on Wordpress and only started to use blogger for my teacher focused blog. I know a lot of people are making the jump to Wordpress and I can honestly understand why- it has a crisp, grown up feel to it and the data and information you can gather on Wordpress is vast yet easy to find. 

I'm choosing to take my teacher content over to Wordpress for 1 simple reason- time! 
Let me be straight- I'm invested in becoming a 'teacherpreneur' and love, love, love our online community but sometimes I find myself with nothing to post about here on year2tastic yet because I want to keep it fresh I force myself to write a blog post.
In contrast to this I often have lots of ideas of things I'd like to post about over on Confessions of a try-hard but because my time is taken up curating year2tastic, I never get a chance to post. 

So why go over to Wordpress?
It is so easy to streamline all of my content over on Wordpress- if you choose to follow my blog over there (which you can do without having to go through Bloglovin') then you will be able to keep up-to-date with ALL posts and may even come across a non-teaching content post you find interesting too- this way you buy into ME- me as a whole person and not just a teacher! 
It will be far easier to get to know the real me and we can make real links not just classroom ones!
There will be a menu dedicated to 'Try-hard Teacher' where, if all you want is teacher content, you can find all of my teacher posts.

If you would like to join me on this journey then please follow this link to take a peek at my new old home.

Please, please, please ask me any questions and let me know what you think in the comments

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