Thursday, 29 October 2015

Frankie Says….. Shameless Self Promo!

So… I don't often blog just about a product I've created but I really want to share this one with you as I am super duper proud of it and hey… why shouldn't I make a fuss?!

Do you like to link holidays and celebrations in meaningful ways? 
I love activities where children have to work problems out and solve in a fun and practical way rather than always recording their work on a sheet. 

'Frankie says…' ticks that box for me! It is active and engaging- children have to use an appropriate method- for most of mine it was using objects- to workout if Frankie's statements were true or false. 
Task cards can then be sorted into a 'True' or 'False' pile using the poster cards included. 

I snagged some Frankenstine 'loot' baskets which added a WOW element to the activity- 

'Frankie says…' is currently 20% for Halloween so make sure you snag it before the month is out!
Already finished school for Half Term? No problem - get Frankie ready for next Halloween! 

How do you like to bring Halloween into your classroom? 
Is it a no, no in your school?

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