Sunday, 26 July 2015

Global Glitter Tribe!

Hello friends!!! I am so sorry I have been missing for almost 2 weeks but I'm sure when you read this post then you will understand why!!!!

As well as it having been the run-down to the end of school, over the past couple of weeks I have been OBSESSED with Periscope and I knoooooow I am not alone in this new found time- sucker obsession!!! 
If you are also 'Scope obsessed then you will know all about Ashley Schroeder and Angie Olson's call to FIND YOUR TRIBE and I hope you have been out into the online teacher world and totally found yours!!! 

I've joined First Grade Tribe and My Second Grade TpT Tribe over on Facebook because, being a UK teacher, my teaching expectations and objectives kind of straddle both of these grades but I feel like I'm not only a small fish in the TpT world but I'm kinda a lone fish in both of these tribes. Don't get me wrong, I adore all of the wonderful friends and links I've made through these tribes but I kind of feel I need to make links with other lone fish out there in the global world of teaching. 

So, if, like me, you don't quite fit into a tribe already out there then I have a brand spanking new tribe which might just be perfect for you!!!

Myself and my blogging bestie Myranda over at Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade met up in London last week and 'Scoped about the launch of our new tribe, you may have caught the rather windswept 'Scope about this! 

Global Glitter Tribe is now live on Facebook (click here) and is just waiting for you to join!
The best thing about our tribe is that you can join wherever you are based in the world and whatever grade/ year you teach. 
Global Glitter Tribe aims to cultivate relationships with teachers from other countries and cultures to develop an understanding of the diversity of education across the globe. 

So if like us you would love to make some global links which could help you to bring a sense of global citizenship into your classroom or simply catch a glimpse of what education and teaching is like in other countries then head over to Global Glitter Tribe on Facebook and join us!

If you have ever wanted international pen-pals for your class without the cost/ hassle/ stress of writing letters the make sure to sign up for our Global Classroom Link-ups here tomorrow (Monday 27th) then you will be paired with another Global Glitter teacher based on time zones and (as far as possible) year groups. All you need to take part is the ability to Skype/ Google Hangout or other suitable web based program and the commitment to link your class up live with your partner's class once per month. 

Global Glitter Tribe would love to have you so don't be afraid to check us out! 

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