Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Scoop

Wow- it has been a mega weekend for year2tastic and I am worn out! I'm taking some time before bed to link up with the lovely Teaching Trio for this weeks Sunday Scoop…
It is our last week in school before Easter Holiday and as always I'm thinking ahead! Our next Learning Challenge is based around the theme of Island Life and we look at both an Island in Scotland and The Galapagos- I love teaching it and the kids love learning about it! 
As I'm away for almost all of the Easter Hols then I HAVE to get my planning straight this week and I'm looking forward to sitting down with my teacher BFF to talk over our ideas and plan out the WOW moments we love- I"m more than HAPPY to have her round and I HOPE we get stuff done rather than just sitting and gossiping but I can't promise! 

It's been 3 weeks since I last had my nails done and I'm in need of a new design for my travels! I love getting my nails painted and I usually go with my aforementioned teacher BFF but not this week- I'll miss her! 

My final Role Play of the year will be a pirate ship to fit in with our theme of 'Ship Shape' but I'm struggling for something for this half term- usually I go for a Post Office to fit with the Katie Morag stories but any ideas would be very welcome! 

So… here is to a week of mini fluffy chicks, stressing over folding baskets correctly and coming home with random goggly eyes stuck to my trousers! 
Happy last week guys! 

Oh and just incase you missed them… I now have new Social Media buttons at the top of my blog- click to have a nose!


  1. Haha! Random google eyes. You also have a busy week! I forgot about Easter - add that one to the list!

  2. Teacher BFF's are the best, working with mine right now!!!! And I am sooooooooooo in need of a pedi!!! Can't wait, bring on SPRING!!!

  3. Maybe "Special Delivery" and have a letter arrive and the students guess who would have sent it. Kinda ties in with Easter as well.
    Happy Teaching!
    -Bri @ Knowledge Mobile

  4. I love your new social media buttons! Did you do it yourself?! Again, your week sounds so awesome! I just got my nails done a couple days ago! I hope you find the perfect spring break design!


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