Friday, 24 April 2015

Five for Friday

It has been a loooooong week my lovely friends but never fear the weekend is here! 

I am so pleased to be linking up with the lovely Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching- it's been a while since I last managed to post a Five for Friday but here goes…
In at number 1 is some lovely, none school related news…I got to meet one of my besties beautiful little girl for the first time yesterday and received the wonderful news that a dear friend is also growing a bump…It must be something in the water! I think that this serves as a beautiful reminder that as much as we love our jobs, there is so much more to life out in the big wide world- family and friends are everything and should never come second- take some time to smell the rose and give your loved ones a hug this weekend. 

If you could go on a voyage to anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
This is the BIG question we have been thinking about this week in Year 2. 
It's such an exciting question to me….Maldives, Peru, Canada, New Orleans….the choices are endless! However, pose this question to a group of 6 year-olds and you are bound to get some cracking answers! The best of the bunch has to be when one little boy asks 'Miss how do you spell KFC?' in my head I was screaming 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME' but instead I calmly if not somewhat bemusedly replied 'It's K.F.C'  obviously not satisfied he replied 'I know it's name Miss, it's my favourite place to go but how do you spell it?' 
 I don't know what got me more- the fact he chose KFC to visit out of all of the places on this whole entire Earth or the fact he asked me how to spell it?! Kids!

I know I've mentioned it in a post already this week but I am just so in love with this product from Linda Camp on TpT

We have loved using it (and of course singing it!) during our B.U.I.L.D sessions and I even went 
'off- product' and used some of the large shapes to investigate lines of symmetry! 
If you are looking at shape any time soon then I suggest you check this out for straight forward, comprehensive and fun activities. 

Are you due to be moderated? What is your experience of it? 
Today I was out of class all morning at a Cluster Moderation Meeting for Numeracy. As I am year 2 and my children, just as all others across England, are in the midst of their SAT's this term so levelling is a top priority for me. Obviously, because we mark them internally, we need to have an eye kept on us! Although having your levelling moderated can be daunting, I am lucky that my cluster puts on CPD sessions like those today in preparation for formal External, County-wide Moderation. I was formally moderated last year so today was more useful for me to ensure that I had continued to act upon the knowledge of levelling I gained last year and to reassure me that I had justifiably levelled my children- we all know about those Level 3's being a 3B don't we!  If you're due to be moderated this term here are my top 3 tips-
1. Take work from across the curriculum with you as well as Literacy/ Numeracy books and tests.
2. Take a look at the National Curriculum level descriptors and compare your children's work against those not just the scheme tests or writing criteria your school uses
3. Print picture or take your iPad/ camera with you- even better if you can make a couple of notes about what the child is doing in the picture- this is fab if you blank out!
Finally- breath, you've got this, you know your kids like the back of your hand! 

Finally, a little bit of a cheat but hey, self promotion never hurt anyone right?! 
Tomorrow I am taking part in a wonderful link up with Jungle Learners. I have used and reviewed a super product from Anchored in Learning and you could win it if you check out my Stop, Swap and Roll post when it goes live at 12 midnight PST 

Looking forward to seeing y'all again tomorrow….

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