Saturday, 20 June 2015

Five for Friday: Product Make- over Edition!

I know I'm late to the party, what with it being Saturday and all, but better late than never! 
It's been a while since I've linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and I've missed it!

I've decided to mix things up a little this week and tell you about the TPT Sellers Challenge I'm taking part in with the fabulous Amber over at Peppy, Zesty Teacherista, Ashley from Teach, Create, Motivate, Jen at Sparking in Second and Emily over at Third in Hollywood

Step 1 on the sellers challenge was to note down all of your starting stats. 

I'm not the biggest force in the Teacher Social Media universe but I'm also not too embarrassed by my stats- I know it takes a lot of hard work and time to build up a network of teachers. The stat I'm most hoping to improve is my TPT stat- I've been stuck on 86 follower for about 3 months now and my sales aren't that big- 1 or 2 a month yet my freebie downloads stats are quite big . The link to my store is here- I'd love it if you took a peek and gave me some feedback. 

I was so overwhelmed to see that, after only 2 days, my stats were on the up! 
Woohoo! Go TPT Seller Challenge!!!!

I'm loving the fact that each week we will be set a challenge- this week it was 'Make-over'!!!! 

Woohoo!!! Just to make sure I was ready I also purchased a pair of 'Clueless PJ's
Can you say 'total betty'??? 

I chose to make over a product I love using with my class-
I love how clean the new cover looks even though I kept the same background and clip art. 
It is a simple Scoot activity where the children are given a 2 digit + 2 digit addition calculation and 3 possible answers. During my BUILD maths session I used the Scoot as an 'Independent' activity and had the cards as a 'Diving in Deeper' activity where the children had to use their number knowledge to explain why/ why not one the possible answers was correct. 
It also ties in with 3 other 'Space' themed products in my store. 

Make-over Madness didn't stop with just one product- oh no! I'm on a roll now! 
I've actually been going through my products for the past month or 2 and revamping them.

I've been inspired Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd's amazing product covers for her Nerd Alerts units and have been aiming for a more standout title panel and more information on the cover. 

My best selling product is my CUBES Mnemonics set so I decided to also make over my Problem Solving bundle

Can you spot the new cover?

Just FYI my 2 Make-over Madness products plus all of my 'Featured Products' are all $1 off until I finish school for the summer- that's 4 weeks away still!!!!!
As I continue my Make-overs I'll also reduce those products by $1 too so keep your eyes peeled!!

I started making TPT products before I had my own button from Lindsey at L Paull Designs for All (congrats on the wedding!!!!) 
 So in the spirit of Make-over Madness- these products (which have my old logo on them) will be next on the list and reduced until the I have time to revamp them!
Click on my store button a the top of this page to snag a few bargains today or pictures to go directly to the products!

I can't wait to take part in week 2's challenge but until then you'll find me on the sofa in my 'Clueless' PJ's indulging in Make-over Madness!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Teri- I snagged your Rainbow to 10 freebie the other day- amazing! I'm off to nose at your make-over now Xx

  2. It's fun to see everybody's makeovers! Your products look great. I especially like the problem solving one. Looks really cute!

    Made with Love

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy- the Problem Solving pack is probably one of my favourite products and now it has a cute cover too! Xx

  3. I'm going to have to go to your store now and put your addition scoot on my wish list, that will be good for my 2nd into 3rd summer school students and even some beginning of the year review for my 3rd graders next year. Keep up the great work with your make-overs.
    Polka Dot Palace

    1. Ah thanks so much Stephanie- let me know how you find them Xx

  4. Great makeover. I look forward to seeing what you do next week in the challenge.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sandra- I'm really enjoying the challenge so far! Xx


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