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Welcome to my home from home… pull up a chair and get comfy- would you like a cuppa?

This year I am very lucky to have 22 littlies to create a welcoming and inspiring space for.

Every Summer I spend ages thinking about how to set up my room and as a starting point I usually focus on where the kids spend most of their time looking, centre their desks and position the most valuable learning resources in their eye line...well…as far as I can!

So come on in and have a nose around…

I'm lucky to have a lovely entrance area we call 'The Den'- the children come in to the room here and walk past our sink area and the library/ small group area.

I have a huge set of shelves here that are desperate to be sorted but I ran out of time this Summer so just put up a curtain- they are a real bugbear though!

As you come through my second door you will notice straight ahead a row of windows with the whiteboard and SMARTboard next to them. It is here where I try to focus the children's main learning prompts so that they can be constantly referred to. We are huge fans of Ros Wilson at our school and so the VCOP display is a must!

As we move around in a clockwise direction you will spot my desk and shelves- I love my floral baskets- they hide a multitude of sins in such a pretty fashion!

Then we have our class Word Wall- we have a massive focus on SPaG throughout our school but are very conscious that it isn't just an 'add-on' isolated lesson.

I LOVE my Numeracy wall and resource base- the children have really taken to the interactive element of the working wall and often solve the puzzles or activities in their independent time.

Next up is my very outdated and- yawn- slow computer bank!!! However awful I think these comps are the kiddies love them!
Up above them is probably one of my favourite areas- our 'Thinking Hats'- if you don't know De Bono then get on to him- QUICK!

The next area is our Rules and Rewards area- we do whole class 'Rainbow Drops' where the kiddies have to work as a team to earn drops which build up to a big whole class treat such as a DVD and popcorn!
We also use 'Golden Time' as a reward- children loose 5 minutes every time they get a mark by their name and because they love GT so much it is an ace incentive!

In the very corner is the supply area and my HUGE walk in cupboard- it is a life saver!!
Finally it is my most favourite area ever- our Imaginarium- during free time the little ones can engage with our Learning Challenge theme in a range of imaginative ways. There are usually 4 different options available made up of any combination from- writing area, dressing up area, small world, messy area, role play and construction. I love thinking of new and engaging ways to enhance the provision in these areas!

So- thats it- the tour is over!

Thanks for coming and feel free to pop by any time to see what our latest learning and displays look like.

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